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When a consumer searches for a certain service online you need your business to show up on the first 2 pages. Most consumers won’t look past the 3rd page so it is crucial for your business to rank. Not only do you want to rank for your local area but you want to rank for other cities or nationally for more leads.



We work with a few different search engines including google, yahoo and bing. These search engines can produce organic keyword rankings and will generate traffic for your business. Thousands of different consumers use these search engines to search for services online on a monthly basis. With this said, it’s crucial for your business to generate more leads by being on different search platforms.



Optimization is your web presences ability to generate conversions. This means your business is ranking with keywords on different search engines but is set up so that consumers want to move forward with your business and call or email you. This is key. Not every business that ranks well on search engines generates leads.

Generate Traffic.

Generating traffic to your website is the first step to generating leads for your business. Through keyword rankings in certain areas in your business, we help generate traffic to your website. The more traffic we can generate to your site through keywords relative to your services, the more of a chance to generate leads. 

Appealing Content.

Consumers do read through your website and if your content is not engaging then the traffic will not generate leads. We create custom content that will engage consumers when they reach your website. Descriptive services, consistent information and welcoming content is key. 

Generate Leads.

Professional implementation of successful search engine optimization will grow your business indefinitely. We are professionals in our craft and have the knowledge needed to assist you with creating more phone calls for you. Our process is proven. 

Organic Keyword Ranking

Google  – Bing  – Yahoo

Organic keyword ranking is a service that works the best for your business in the long run. After a certain amount of time paid advertising costs more money than you would like it to. During your time with Xplore Enterprise we build landing pages that will generate keywords in different areas over time. These keywords are mostly permanent and will not disappear after a certain amount of time like paid advertising. This is the “bee’s knees” of online marketing and generates the most ROI for your business after a period of time.

Paid Advertisements

Google Adwords – Bing Ads – Yahoo Ads

Paid advertisements guarantee first page placement in which every state, city or country you choose, but at a price. This type of advertising is called a PPC (Pay Per Click). Every time a consumer clicks on your advertisement you are charged a fee. The price of the fee is determined by the overall search presence of the keyword. Some keywords can cost as little as 25 cents and some can be as much as 20 dollars. We set up an advertisement that will be cost effective for you and generate an ROI each time.

Business Listings

Google  – Bing  – Yahoo

Google, Bing and Yahoo are different from other business listing services. They provide business listings similar to other directories like yelp, yellow pages etc.. but they work hand in hand with organic rankings. The process is similar with each search engine making them the power houses online with Google being number 1. Your business listings on these search engines are set-up to create keyword rankings by Xplore Enterprise.


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